Host a Party

Hosting a party is huge fun, all you need is some friends (or family, work collegues or neighbours - it's entirely up to you!) some drinks and snacks and table for you all to work on.

Holding a party is absolutly free, theres no fee and no minimum spend. I'll come to your venue (be it your house or elsewhere) with all the materials you'll need for the evening, including enough for each guest to complete one project to take home with them.

During the evening i'll demonstrate a few techniques related to your projects, then you all get stuck in creating!

There'll be ample opportunity to browse through the catalogues and coo at all the lovely products on offer, and should you be tempted - which is highly likely! - you can place orders.

And thats where it gets really exciting - should your party achieve over £150 in sales, as the Hostess you qualify for the freebies!

These come in the form of Exclusive hostess sets - stamp sets that you can only get by hosting a party - and free products from the catalogue!

The chart below shows the benefits you can earn, but if you want to know more or have any questions - simply email me on

Demo's for specific projects such as wedding invitations work a little differently. I'd be happy to work with you beforehand as much as I can to settle on your design, then at the party show you and your wedding party or whoever wishes to assist in making up your stationary the techniques and methods required for you to complete your project.
However nothing else is different! If your materials come to more than £150 (or your guest make additional orders of their own) you'll still get the free hostess sets and products!

I'd also be happy to make your invitations for you, should you be pressed for time, however I would of course charge for this, so contact me to learn more.