Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring has sprung and the garden calls.

Hello all,

I've been concentrating mainly on other things this past week or two, and uploading the images of the album slipped my mind. Ack! The main thing I've been doing is weeding, tidying, sowing, mulching, and planting out in the garden. By the time spring proper arrives I should have tomatoes, peppers, potatos, poppies and a whole host of herbs and flowers. They are currently doing well, growing at an almost visible pace in trays on our kitchen counters (alas, my little growing shelves have bust a zip) I'm absolutly over the moon that most of the plants survived, not just my amateur efforts but also the terrible snows and frosts. But they are flourishing!

Its these lovely spring like happenings that i've been thinking about celebrating when our new mini is launched. Out at the beginning of April, I can't tell you how very exciting it is. As well as a host of beautiful new stamps, papers and accessories, theres one product that I know we've been waiting an awful long time for...

To celebrate the launch, i'll be taking part in a blog hop at the beginning of April - exact date to be confirmed - which is a wonderful way for you to see work form many of SU's Demos and gather a lot of inspiration on how to use the new products. Do come back and see it! And its this that i'll be using as an excuse to pick blossoms, leave random piles of books about the house and fill the kitchen with seedlings. 

I've been making swaps again too - sweet little ornaments based on easter eggs, using the sweet treat cups. They went down a storm! As i'll be at my mums place around easter i'm thinking a lot of them might be made with my neice and hung on branches as a decoration.

I also just learned how to braid ribbon - thanks to the lovely Julie at my craft club. I'm intent on discovering all the different ways that this lovely effect can be used and when I do I promise to share.

So as promised, the tri- shutter album. Still no name though - suggestions on a post card folks. I'm afraid you don't get to see the inside flap or the back though as i've already started recording all my weightloss bits and bobs in there.

See you all when I have some braided ribbons to squeak about, x

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