Sunday, 5 September 2010

I'm afraid I just can't contain myself...

I have to say something about the new catalogue!

So while Stu battles monsters whilst clad entirely in black rubber (at least, in his Batman Xbox game) and the kitty grouses at the fly that has dared taken shelter in her house for the night, its probably a good time to tell all.

Well, not quite all. I'm honour bound to sit on it - figuratively speaking thankfully - until its official launch on the 1st of October. But, perks of the job, us demo's get a month in advance - to pour through, paw literally, coo over the new designs and squee repeatedly over all the amazing pretties. Aaaaaalllll the fabulous, pretty things. Midnight on September 1st I'm sure they could hear the collective squee'ing back in the American headquarters.

I will let one thing slip - Nicola, BEWARE PIRATES! (yarrrgh, me hearties, and such and such).

Some exciting new introductions with this catalogue are clear stamps. Still the same high quality rubber for crisp stamping, they come instead with 'cling' backing for temporarily adhering to your crystal clear acrylic block. As well as the increased ability to judge your placements, they offer benefits in the form of reduced storage needs - each set will arrive in a box the size of a DVD sleeve, allowing storage on conventional shelves, and one set of acrylic blocks is enough for however many stamps you buy!

The last benefit, which i'm sure you'll all love, is the price! After an intial investment in your arcrylic blocks, each clear mount set is less than the equivalent wood mounted one! And as your blocks will last years, they keep getting better and better value the more sets you buy.

Hang on, thats actually girly logic isn't it? Maybe don't use that argument on your SO's.

I'll put my hands up and admit it took me a little while to wrap my noggin around the ins and outs of the clear stamps, so amongst other things, i'm going to try and get together a handy hints and tips page.


Other exciting changes include an increased range of punches, and ribbons and of course the Colour Renovation.

A lot of people have mixed feelings, but aside from the loss of the lovely Blush Blossom i'm really not worried! Plus, the lovely people at SU this year have bought out the Colour Coach - a handy swatch of all 40 colours, arranged so that you can flip out individual colours and play with combinations to your hearts content. And if you get really really stuck, each card will have handy suggestions on the reverse. I can tell already its going to become an indespensible tool.

So many things to look forwards to! If you want to get your catalogue as soon as its launched, do drop me a line and request one. They are priced at £5.95, but i'm sure for pre orders, I can do them for somewhat less than that. :D

Have fun till then.

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