Wednesday, 25 August 2010

And following swiftly on...

I can tell this is not going to be a regular as clockwork blog!

This particular blog has been partly delayed by our holiday to Cornwall, which was stunningly gorgeous and fun to drive around (very hilly!)
On the way there we saw Stonehenge and whilst there we visited Heligan Gardens, the Eden Project, Lands End, Fowey for the Regatta, Tintagel Castle and Poldark Tin mine, where we went on the ghost tour. I can recommend all of it and I got lots of photos including, funnily enough, Dahlias.

Which seem to be almost the opposit to the ones in the earlier blog...

May have to experiment.

Cake Boxes

It was mostly delayed however by the desire to get a set of the cake boxes made up and photographed. But I fear I must admit that my inspiration is failing me. I will get them done soon though - perhaps the impending BRAND NEW 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalogue will inpire me?

(can you tell i'm getting *very* excited?)

So I made up the templates of the round ended cake boxes, and in the meantime my darling DF got me a gift - a Silhouette craft cutter! I leaped about, promised him a crown for being the worlds best boyfriend and as soon as it arrived started playing!

It sounds just a little like you are torturing a Transformer but i'm getting the hang of it and for starters made GSD versions of the boxes. I'm afraid like the cake boxes, I can't take all the credit for the heart topped box - I saw something like it in a shop, ran home and did my best to recreate it, so the template is mine but the idea really isn't.

So here they are - please, take them, make them up and show me your wonderful creations, and perhaps your imaginations will spark my own.

Large Cake Box
Large Cake Box.GSD
Medium Cake Box
Medium Cake Box.GSD
Small Cake Box
Small Cake Box.GSD
Heart Topped Favour Box
Heart Topped Favour Box.GSD

As they are .GSD and .jpeg files not all places will host them - do let me know if you have issues with this site and I can email them direct. The cutting files have no fold lines on them of course, so use the normal template files as a scoring guide.

Good luck, and let me see photo's!

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