Monday, 15 November 2010

Hello all!

I really have  to apologise - i promised all sort and as yet haven't posted any of it. Well I got back from convention thinking I'd have a few quiet days - well it hasn't turned out that way. Instead another weekend has passed in a flurry of activity (plus a brief rest when we went to see Daniel Sloss at the Bloomsbury Theatre - a very funny young man!) and still no sign of a proper post.

So i'll put up some of the photo's and then hopefully after this weekend (in which we have my Mum visiting, a farewell dinner with my fellas parents before they leave to spend Christmas in Foreign Climes and a stall at a fair all day Sunday) it will calm down a little and i can get to writing out instructions for all of the bits I want to.

My swaps - made with the Ornament punch and the gorgeously soft Organza Ribbon.

My 3D Swaps - christmas tree ornaments - very delicate!

And all the amazing things i bought back with me, including the lovely Greenhouse Gala craft tote - which has hardly been away from my side since I got home!
Fingers crossed that I make it to next week, and then a bumper crop of posts shall be yours.

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